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The Benefits of Living in a Mixed-Use Community

Our upscale community is bringing 700 apartment homes and 13,000 square feet of commercial and amenity space to the mixed-use community Innsbrook! But what do we mean when we say, “mixed-use community?” In short, it means a place where you can live, work and play!

Living in a mixed-use development provides a myriad of benefits. These communities integrate residential, commercial, and industrial real estate seamlessly into a single, compact site where residents can easily walk to work, markets, restaurants, and entertainment. Here are some of the biggest benefits of living in a mixed-use community like Metropolis at Innsbrook!

Life is More Convenient

Mixed-use developments create a walkable community that allows you to shop, work and dine without going too far from home.
For Residents of Metropolis, Innsbrook offers convenient access to Shoppes and Services, like dry cleaners, banks, salons and more! Not to mention tons of dining options which range from formal to casual and offer a range of menus!

There’s a Better Sense of Community

Mixed-use developments like Innsbrook promote a close sense of community. Dining, entertainment, shopping, and a host of other lifestyle hubs and events provide perfect and regular opportunities for residents to come together!

Wide, open spaces, well-managed and maintained premises also contribute to the resident’s sense of peace and well-being.

It’s Easy to Support Local Business

Choosing to shop small is choosing to invest in your community. When the restaurant down the street is a locally owned business vs a chain, it’s easy to do just that! Local favorites like Boychik’s Deli and Joey’s Hot Dogs are right here at Innsbrook Shoppes.

Supporting local business has tons of benefits in itself – from the creation of more local jobs, to enhanced diversity to sustainability and more!

Your Carbon Footprint is Smaller

Mixed-use communities tend to be greener by default due to the increased walkability, removing the need to drive.
Innsbrook encompasses over 500 companies, including some of the most recognized and successful companies in Central Virginia, making it easy to live closer to work for a shorter commute!

It’s Easier to Stay Fit

When everything you need is within walking distance, it will obviously be easier to move more and maintain a healthy lifestyle. What makes Innsbrook unlike any other mixed-use community in the area is that we’re surrounded by nature! Three gorgeous lakes and five miles of paved trails surround the community, making it appealing to get your morning walk while you take in the views.


Our upscale apartment community in the sought-after Innsbrook neighborhood of Glen Allen, Virginia will begin pre-leasing in Fall 2022.
Just outside your door, the live/work/play community of Innsbrook will spoil you with over 37 acres of expansive outdoor beauty, shoppes and services, dining and more!